Study: Women need more sleep than men - because their brains work harder

Women need more sleep than men
Do you need a good argument about why your husband should prepare breakfast at the weekend? No problem, here you have it: Since you are a woman, you need 20 minutes more sleep per night. Because your brain is more complex. 
Hach, we knew it! Women need more sleep than men! According to the Daily Mail, that is at least one study by Loughborough University. Generally, people need more sleep anyway than most people realize. Even if you feel fit and productive even with little sleep, you should not sleep under seven to nine hours every night in the long term. It makes you dissatisfied, hostile, and sick. But the ladies of creation need an average of 20 minutes more to get through the day in a healthy and good mood.

Why is it that we have to sleep so much

Of course, scientists also have an explanation for the increased need for sleep in women. It takes our brains longer to regenerate because - now it happens - our brains are more complex than men. Of course, there is also an evolutionary justification for this. We, women, had to keep a watchful eye on our children at all times and no matter what other activity, and respond empathetically to the needs of our clan. That is why our brains are designed for a different form of perception. While the individual hemispheres of men are often a little more closely networked, the teamwork of the two brain hemispheres is better developed for us. And since it’s just so much more complex to maintain a well-functioning team,

Then why the hell don't men have breasts ???

At this point, we really have to question biology. If women need more sleep, why don't men have breasts for breastfeeding at night? It would make a lot of sense not to interrupt our important sleep, as it is much more difficult to get our hours anyway. But honestly, that wouldn't work with men's milk breasts either, because most guys sleep not only shorter, but also deeper. So you would often not even notice that the child is hungry. In addition, the idea of ​​men's breasts is only so semi-sexy. So we have no other choice but to cheat through everyday life for a few years of our life and occasionally put our loved ones on a little bad mood attack. let us sleep in at least on weekendsIs important. Finally, say very clever people and one should (in this case) be believed.

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