"IT'S NOT THIS, PEOPLE!" Angry parents protest among #Corona parents

This social media action is exploding! With hashtags like #CoronaEltern and #elterninderkrise, more and more angry parents are currently venting their anger. In the corona crisis, they feel left alone by politics and business.
Corona current: mother and daughter
For weeks now, parents in Germany have been facing immense challenges thanks to the corona crisis Daycare centers and playgrounds are completely closed, and many feel that emergency care is inadequate . The schools were also closed for weeks, but now they are gradually opening again, but not for all students. Other social contacts should be avoided: grandparents should be protected , and the guidelines on limiting social contacts continue to apply .

The nerves are at the limit

The parents have to see how they can arrange to care for their children and their jobs - a situation that is increasingly for many for the violent crisis. The nerves are at the limit, the existential concerns are getting bigger and there is hardly any hope in sight - because the corona pandemic is far from over. 
The daycare centers are to remain closed for months and financial aid  for parents who suffer from loss of earnings due to childcare problems is limited by reasonableness paragraphs and time limits. Federal Minister of Family Affairs Franziska Giffey has promised to tackle the problems. Corona parental leave and a Corona parental allowance are under discussion - however, concrete solutions are still pending.

Desperate parents protest

Now more and more parents are taking their anger out on the internet and using hashtags such as # CoronaEltern and # elterninderkrise report how much the current situation is bothering them. They tell of employers who have no understanding of their situation, of existential financial needs, of despair and exhaustion in themselves and in the children who are increasingly emotionally suffering from isolation
The #CoronaEltern campaign was launched by journalist Maurice Kaiser, mother, and editor-in-chief of "Edition F" - with a tweet and a post on Instagram and a comment on " Edition F ". On Twitter, she wrote: " What are parents doing who are no longer able to? I ask for, well, almost everyone I know." 
She received hundreds of answers - including many like this: 
There is also clear criticism in the comments: 
Lawyer Sandra Runge from the blog "Smart Mama" specifically suggests: "We #corona parents now need, in addition to § 56 Para. 1a) IfSG, a paid corona parental leave including special protection against dismissal and without the employer being able to object."
The authors of the blog " Stadt Land Mama " also join the campaign and write on Facebook: "IT CAN'T BE LIKE IT, PEOPLE! It can't be that all parents run straight into burnout! Or bankruptcy! Or both! What else should we do? Teachers, educators, entertainers, mediators, cooks, babysitters, cleaners, cleaners, managers, trainers, etc. Thank you, Maurice Kaiser, from EDITION F for kicking off the # CoronaEltern wave, because NO, it cannot go on like this. "
In an open letter from desperate parents from Berlin to the family minister, it says: "We parents find the recommendation of the Leopoldina and the timing of the daycare openings set by the Berlin Senate to be unacceptable. For five weeks it was reasonably possible for us to reconcile job and children at home " From our point of view, it is not possible to take care of children at home and work at the same time for another 3.5 months - a total of 5 months. We, therefore, ask you to open the daycare centers - as safely as necessary and as quickly as possible".

"The great response shows the parents' suffering"

Maurice Kaiser hopes that the parents' voices will now be heard. At BRIGITTE.de's request, she wrote to us: "With the call in my column, I wanted to create a room in which family voices are heard. And that worked.
The great response to #CoronaEltern shows the suffering that all families are currently experiencing, both parents and children. And also that they see themselves politically with their needs neither seen nor represented. This is also because politics are still shaped by men. Mothers in politically relevant offices are still the exception. It is no surprise that political decisions reflect that. Family policy is currently not a priority.
I am particularly happy about the many marginalized voices - for example, those of single parents - that is heard through #CoronaEltern. Because it is exactly on their backs that this crisis is currently being fought.
'I feel heard and understood for the first time in weeks,' a mother wrote to me on Instagram. It is now up to politics to hear these voices, which are so relevant to our society and our future, and to act accordingly. "
It is very much to be hoped that politicians in Germany will soon find concrete answers for all the desperate parents because one thing is clear: leaving them alone with all the problems is not an option. 
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