This is how the perfect wedding dress looks - according to men 👰

The search for the perfect wedding dress can sometimes be the most beautiful, but also the most strenuous task during wedding planning. Because in the end, the dream in white should literally blow away not just yourself, but also the groom. Well, we have good news: the search is over! An Australian Laben now wants to find out which wedding dress absolutely pleases EVERY man!
Wedding dress: woman in wedding dress
Mermaid, A-line or with a lot of bling: Most women know exactly what wedding dress they want to marry in. But when the big day has actually come, it is suddenly no longer just a question of whether you find yourself irresistible, but also about knocking the future out of the polished mountain pines. Let's be honest: the tradition that the groom is not allowed to see the wedding dress before the wedding does not make it easier for women. The Australian label Grace Loves Lace, however, does.
For a year, the owners asked countless husbands around the world what they liked best about their wife's wedding dress. Based on the answers, the founders of Grace Loves Lace finally created a wedding dress that is said to be one hundred percent ideal for men.
Well, curious to see what came out of it? Here's what it looks like:
Would you have expected this result? You won't find a princess skirt, a neckline to the navel or sexy lace sleeves in this model. Instead, a simple but figure-hugging dress made of fine lace, a sexy cut out of the heart, delicate spaghetti straps and a small train is supposed to make the men's heart surge in front of the altar. And what else can we say, except Dear men, you haven't made the worst choice!
But don't be afraid! This little Australian market research doesn't mean you have to throw all of your wedding dress resolutions overboard. If you've always dreamed of a wide tulle skirt and a high-necked top, just don't let it stop you. Because one thing is as certain as the "yes" in front of the altar: No matter what dress you wear in front of your loved one on your special day, he will love it!

Are you still looking for a beautiful wedding dress inspiration?

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