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Plaid, street style plaid

In fashion, nothing works without diamonds. We show you how to wear the popular pattern now - and what different plaid fabrics are actually available

Combining a check pattern - how it works:

The beauty of checks? They go with almost anything and are super easy to style. Depending on whether you want to look more fashionable, casual or serious, the rest of the outfit is chosen - and there are virtually no limits to the possible variations. By the way, Glencheck and Schotten checks aka tartan are currently particularly popular. This is how fashion professionals style the plaid look:

A diamond part as a highlight

Check pattern, autumn 2018 fashion trends

Whether as a coat, blazer, top, pants or skirt: an eye-catching plaid piece in combination with the otherwise monochrome outfit is the most popular way to wear plaid patterns and always looks chic!

Checks with jeans 

plaid jeans 510

If two stick together in fashion like bad luck and sulfur, then it's denim fabrics and checks patterns - the two are simply the perfect pair of fashion: jeans are made suitable for the office by a plaid blazer, check pants thanks to denim jackets are super casual.

Checks to other patterns


Fashionistas rely on diamonds in a mix of patterns: whether for animal prints, stripes, flowers or other graphic patterns: anything you like is allowed. If you want to be on the safe side, make sure that one color of the check pattern is used in the rest of the outfit and remains in the same color family.

Checks from head to toe

Check pattern, check, trend check

Particularly popular: suits with a checked pattern. Whether in classic black and white, in earth tones or pastel colors: the masculine it pieces are absolute eye-catchers and are now styled into sneakers or high heels. If you want to top it off in terms of fashion, combine different check patterns with one another - as suits or top-rock combinations.
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