Social Distancing: So you stay close anyway

Social distancing, ie avoiding contact with other people as far as possible, is the order of the day. We have eight ideas on how you can still be close to your friends and loved ones.
Social Distancing: A young, happy, red-haired woman lies in front of her laptop and laughs
When a highly contagious virus is rampant and human lives are at stake, the top rule is: reduce contacts to a necessary minimum and stay at home. Specifically means: meeting with the circle of friends, visiting family, sweating together with the sports buddies u. Ä. - We currently do without such things, for our ALL good. Does that sound like isolation and isolation? But it doesn't have to be! We have eight ideas on how you can be close to your friends and loved ones despite the spatial separation.

Social Distancing: 8 tips on how you can still be close

1. Stay in touch

WhatsApp, Skype, Facetime, the good old phone ... there are so many ways and channels these days that you can use to communicate with one another and even see each other. Just try them all once and then decide on your favorite medium.

2. Movie night

You can't sit next to each other on the couch or in the cinema, but you can watch the same film on the same evening and talk about it later and later. A little tip: If you stream on " Kino on-demand ", you even support local cinemas that have now had to close.

3. Workout session

No, the common circle in the gym is currently not in there, just as little as the Zumba course. But why don't you create a home workout plan together and make appointments for the implementation? Also, a topic about which you can exchange wonderfully in your regular chats, phone calls or Skype calls.

4. Joint project

In order to distract yourself from the situation and spend time at home with something that gives us a good feeling and brings meaning to our life, it is advisable to undertake a certain project: learning a language, drawing, knitting, dealing with geography, history, biology, and Co. You can also meet up with a friend! With common challenges, the motivation is usually greater than with solo projects to carry them out. If you want to learn something, you can ask each other, if you want to be creative, you show your results regularly. Also works in groups!

5. Eat together

Set the table nicely, order something delicious or cook it yourself and then eat it with mom, buddy or sister - via Skype, Facetime or phone. This even has an advantage over sharing the same table: Nobody can steal anything from your plate.

6. Surprise package

Are you reading a totally good book that your girlfriend should also read so that you can talk about it? Just order it online to your address - we don't have to shake hands to give small gifts and joys.

7. Participate in online promotions

In Italy, people sing together on their balconies - something like this is only conceivable in Germany in a few quarters, but there are already various online activities in which we can participate. And there will surely be more. For example, you can use #ClimateStrikeOnline to demonstrate environmental protection, share your # stayathome experience or start your own campaign with your friends and followers. 
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