Signs that you should go to the hairdresser again

Your hair just does what it wants and you are out of control? Well, maybe you have to go to the hairdresser again ?! We reveal how you can recognize it.
How often to the hairdresser?

Split ends

Split ends - the bad word that nobody wants to hear when it comes to our hair. Split ends are definitely not good and a sign that our hair is broken and breaking off. Once you have split ends, you should urgently go to the hairdresser, otherwise, your hair will break more and more and in the end, you will have to cut a lot more than just the tips ...

Loss of shape

No matter what you try, your hairstyle just doesn't want to last? Neither curls nor smoothness. Clear case: You have to have your hair cut again. Especially those who often work with flat irons and the like put a lot of strain on their hair. Regular visits to the hairdresser should fix this. 
Our tip: Try out hairstyles without heat, curls can also be woven in, for example.

The tips dry faster

Our hair actually dries very evenly. You can tell that it is time for a visit to the hairdresser, among other things, by the fact that this is no longer the case. If the tips are much faster drying than the hair at the base or the lengths, the hair tips are too dry and usually ripe for the island ... uh the hairdresser. 

Worse than good hair days

If you style your hair the same way you always do, but it always looks horrible in the end, hopefully, you will know exactly what to do. If you have more bad hair days on average than good hair days, then your hairstyle needs to be shaped again. You will see that it works wonders for your hair routine. 

Difficult to comb?

Broken hair is often difficult to comb and often knots together. If you feel like you are doing an arm workout while trying to unravel the whole thing, then you should have the broken tips cut off urgently. Otherwise, the biceps will continue to burn. Although - that's actually not that bad ... But you can't have everything.

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