My message to all singles who are feeling lonely right now: We are not alone!


Our author Kathi Killmann has passed 30 and is suddenly single again. While her friends are having children, getting married and moving to the country one after the other, she looks for her lid between dating portals and bar visits and realizes - it is not that easy anymore, but it is still fun! She takes us on her search for the right thing and reports weekly about her experiences and insights. It continues with episode 40: Still at home alone - how to stay clean as a single in times of Corona
My second week as a corona single at home alone. The wardrobe is cleaned out, the windows cleaned, the spice drawer sorted, all the shelves wiped out. I am through with my series, the book has been read and the new album of my favorite band went up and down so often that I can no longer hear it. The nails are done, the eyebrows plucked, the legs epilated. Cough and runny nose long ago subsided. What now?

I don't get bored that quickly. There is a distraction against domestic monotony everywhere these days. Free digital newspaper subscriptions, podcasts, reading recommendations, series tips, work-out videos, virtual theater performances, living room concerts in a live stream, I could even go to the museum online. Leisure activities without end. But just like in real life, I have limited fun alone. At some point, I have enough and self-determination only feels like self-amusement.

Together alone
The streaming services have long responded, with Netflix Party you can invite friends to watch the new series together. Everyone on his couch, with a chat function to comment on what he saw. And yet there is something very crucial missing: where is the ceiling stealer, the chip bag rustler, the smacking noisemaker who always blows off in the wrong places?

Thanks to Zoom, Skype and Whereby, I can still make dinner, drink wine and make plans for the time to Corona with my friends. We chat, laugh, clink glasses and wave to each other. Everything as always? You might think. But there are other days too. I didn't even want to get up yesterday. What difference does it make? Who cares if I wear pajamas instead of blazers, just get up to do other business and otherwise bury myself in bed all day? "Set fixed times in your home office. Create routines." Yes, I know the tips and now I am so experienced that every day feels the same - did I take a shower today or was it yesterday?

I know the expert advice and I can usually work quite well freely, but the worse the order situation gets, the less I feel part of something, the more senseless the whole thing seems to me. Who cares whether I answer mail, sleep or stare in front of me for hours? But dear fellow singles, single people, single people, lone workers, to all compassionate people out there - may be that we may all feel a little lonely right now, but we are not alone!

And as our Chancellor said so nicely: "We are a community in which every life and every person counts." That helps, and if this time is not good for anything, then it is time to pause and ask yourself what really matters: who do I want to surround myself with, for whom do I want to have time, what do I want to fill my time with, and what does it matter now? And I don't mean to call his ex-boyfriend (not a good idea, believe me). 

Stay optimistic
Instead of asking myself what I can't do right now, I'd rather try to do what is possible. For example, dancing naked in the apartment, getting drunk on my own or having breakfast in my underpants (admittedly, I could have done that in front of Corona, but what used to be interpreted as letting go is now totally okay). I've got used to placing things in different places in my apartment, as far away as possible, so that I can take as many steps as possible every day. This measure turned out to be too annoying, I prefer to go for a walk once a day now and try to somewhat balance the now routine orders from my regular pizzeria #supportyourlocaldealer.

I can also help and support the people who are really hard to carry. Hang my elderly neighbor on the fence with the purchases, donations of things and clothes, my girlfriend, who has to take care of the house with two sick children, put a few vitamins in front of the door, support the table and, and, and ... and ... there is a lot to do. So now I have to take a quick shower, I'll have a Skype date later (more on that soon). With that I say goodbye for today, stay healthy and positive and remember: #stayhome, #staysafe, #staypositive and don't forget to wash.

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