Lipstick Nails - the nail trend that we will probably see everywhere in summer

Our fingernails are both a curse and a blessing. Nevertheless, we love to paint them and try new things. Especially this summer nail trend. Bet you'll love him too ?!

Summer nail trend: lipstick nails

Even if we just don't think about it - summer is coming faster than we can watch. And because we are already dealing with the upcoming trends, of course, we already know what we will all be wearing in the summer.

We 🧡 Lipstick Nails

Lipstick Nails is THE latest trend, which we are guaranteed to fall for (at least almost all) in the summer months. We already know the Ballerina Nails, Almond Nails and many more. So what can lipstick nails do - and why should we want to wear them ?!
Lipstick Nails means above all the shape of the fingernails. It reminds us of a lipstick, so slightly beveled. Admittedly, this is not necessarily common, as we tend to file and shape our fingernails very accurately and evenly. If a nail is wrong, we get a freak inside. With lipstick nails, on the other hand, this is absolutely wanted and a must (+ the perfect emergency solution for everyone who just can't get their nails straight).

Lipstick Nails - how to

However, there is another reason why we will all fly to shape. In an interview with our colleagues from, nail stylist Kristin Gyimah reveals: "The shape of the lipstick is symbolic, it embodies the feeling of sexiness, femininity, empowerment, and glamor." 
You can also wear Lipstick Nails with short fingernails, so they are perfect for everyday use. By the way, you can easily test whether you like the trend: First file only two nails in the beveled shape. If you like the optics, then continue. If you find it horrible, you simply file the nails round or slightly angular. If you find filing too difficult, you can also snap it into shape with a nail clipper. But important: After that, you still have to file them and polish them. As you can see, lipstick nails are not rocket science. In addition: it is only fingernails, here you can experiment a bit. The main thing is that you like it!

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