Houseparty app: These 5 types are available at every (virtual) house party

Girl with cell phone

What do we miss in times of social distancing? Good parties with friends. Sure, kind of a First World problem. Nevertheless, we are happy about a video chat app that is currently more popular than ever: Houseparty

Houseparty was already trendy four years ago and "thanks" to the corona crisis in the app charts overtakes Skype, WhatsApp & Co. The special? In the app, virtual house parties with up to eight people can be started, in which not only your own friends, but also friends of friends can easily participate. This makes for fun evenings in front of the cell phone or the laptop, because new constellations keep arising. It is already clear: whether real or virtual, there are certain guests that we meet at every house party ... maybe you recognize yourself?

# 1: The socialiser
At every party there is a person who is the link between all the circles of friends who do not even know each other - usually it is the hostess who has thrown together her guest list and is now trying meticulously to get conversations rolling in order to avoid embarrassing To avoid silence. There is also a wing woman at virtual house parties - she is the one who originally started the chat and is now inviting new people (for houseparty newbies: you can use the plus symbol at the top right) to mix the group , maybe just to match her best friend. Participants who did not know each other before can easily add themselves in the chat and thus expand their friends list. Who knows, maybe this will create completely new acquaintances, Social distancing phase persist? (And maybe even make it into the real world.)

# 2: The lost
This visitor is characterized by the fact that she disappeared at the very beginning and no one knows exactly whether she is still at the party at all. It's not much different with the virtual party: once said hello, it's already gone. What remains is an empty desk chair and here and there a noise in the background. Does she still listen? Is it still in the same room? Professional tip for the lost: It is better to log out directly so as not to take away the space in the group chat!

# 3: The animator
A good entertainer convinces everyone “Better not alcohol for me today” to drink a glass and is not only the first on the dance floor, but also at the front of the beer pong. Admittedly, beer pong on a laptop is becoming difficult. Luckily, there are some games in the Houseparty app to warm up with your new friends. For example, one of those present has to draw something on the screen and the others have to guess the artwork as quickly as possible. "Who am I" with characters from Friends, Pretty Little Liars & Co. can also be played in the party app. With a glass of vino in hand, it plays much better. And best of all: Nobody has to drive home anymore, but can drop straight into bed.

# 4: The Nagger
Maybe it's the music, the food, or the location. The Nagger is simply not to be satisfied. Unfortunately, that's no different in the virtual world. Here it is the poor internet connection, background noise or she simply cannot find a good position for her laptop or cell phone because she is not attractive enough in every corner of her room. Keep Calm: For many make-up detoxes, social distancing means washing less hair. Nobody looks like they are peeled out of the egg. We can dress up if we can go out again properly!

# 5: The one nobody knows
Suddenly someone rings the doorbell and everyone wonders: who is that? Who actually invited it? What may be a little creepy at a real house party, we sometimes wish in times of social distancing: not only meet your loved ones (online of course), but also see new faces. The app makes it possible by simply allowing strangers to sneak into the chat - well, they are not completely foreign, because they must know at least one of the chat participants. If you are having a crisis session with your girls and may still be lying in the bathtub, you can complete the chat. Just click on the lock symbol (bottom center) - happy chatting!

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