Hello Spring! These looks evoke true spring feelings


The change from one season to the next is always particularly exciting in terms of fashion - this is also the opinion of fashion editor Ann, whose heart was conquered above all by a trend by storm. Here she shows you which styles are at the top of the Inspo list.

It is often the case with the trends: Some, in theory, sounds like a really good idea and we can already see one or the other favorite part of the street strolling. In reality, however, it is often noticeable that said favorite parts make sense at most in the walk-in closets of the influencers. Frustrating? Oh yeah! The anticipation is all the greater when a trend is announced that is actually so versatile and above all suitable for everyday use that it could be carried up and down day and night. 
My three favorite looks for this month are therefore a little monothematic because when I was looking for fresh fashion inspiration for the upcoming season, I quickly became aware that no trend triggers spring feels like the upcoming fashion highlight called pastel. And let's be honest: what sells the last dark winter blues better than light soft ice cream colors like lilac, mint or lemon moth yellow? Would you like evidence? Voila!

Powersuit meets pastels

Pastel allover, oversized power suit, bottegas pouch - trend machine Alexandra Lapp makes you dizzy. In view of this hammer look, we are of course happy to accept that. Speaking of buying: If you haven't hit the pants suit last year, you shouldn't hesitate any longer. In a delicate candy tone (can we please talk about this magical lime green? Looove it!) And made of flowing material, it immediately elevates our spring wardrobe to the next style level. Now quickly added another pastel color and put on a big smile - hello spring, here we are!

It's the mix that matters

And if you are already putting the pastel-colored power suit on your must-have list, please add the pastel-colored cardigan directly. Hardly any other fashion item is currently hyped like the good old cardigan - although the relic from our childhood had to get a long-overdue style update. In short: cardigans are now fluffy and with emphasized sleeves and are worn as a sexy blouse replacement. If you want to give the look that extra portion of sophistication, take a closer look at the style of fashion pro-Alexandra Pareira. The influencer not only relies on soft color blocking but above all on the clever mix of different materials such as wool, satin, and leather. 

Make a statement

We love good basics. They are the basis of a functioning wardrobe and essential for a good look. But we shouldn't forget one thing: If you want to make a good look a WOW look, you also need a few exciting statement pieces. Thanks to Leonie Hanne, I now have an embroidered jacket. In combination with a cute dress, she not only aims the look for spring but also immediately gives it the 'Fashionista' stamp. It is probably unnecessary to mention that we are again using a color range that is somewhere between pastel blue, pastel purple and pastel yellow, right? 

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