Cooking rice: how it works

Cooking rice is very easy - with the tips of the cooking professionals from the BRIGITTE experimental kitchen.
Cook rice

Cooking rice is possible in different ways: You can cook it in plenty of saltwater and then pour off the remaining water ("water rice").
You can also put rice in a saucepan with twice the amount of water and bring it to a boil. As soon as the rice cooks, turn the heat down. Covered, the rice swells until it has absorbed all of the water - with white rice / parboiled rice this takes 15 to 20 minutes, with brown rice 35 to 45 minutes ("spring rice").
If you eat rice frequently, you should consider purchasing an electric rice cooker: This will make rice cooking much easier - the rice can neither burn nor boil over. Rice in a cooking bag is easier to cook than loose rice: it is easy to portion and does not burn. Pre-cooked pressure-cooked rice is best suited for fast cooking: it only needs to steep in hot water.
If you cook rice as a side dish, calculate about a cup of uncooked rice per person. If rice is the main ingredient in the dish, a little more rice cooks.
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