Bridal hairstyle with veil: the most beautiful ideas and looks

A bridal hairstyle with a veil is a real classic among wedding hairstyles. Whether open, braided or pinned up - we show you the most beautiful looks.
Bridal hairstyle with veil: woman with updo and veil
Wedding rings, wedding dress, and bridal bouquet are selected and the wedding locations are also fixed. Your wedding checklist is almost ticked off, the only thing that's missing now is the right wedding hairstyle for the big day. How about classic wedding hair accessories? Whether an open mane, long or short hair, updos or plaited - a bridal hairstyle with veil is a real-time favorite among wedding hairstyles and rounds the bride look perfectly. We have the best tips and show you the most beautiful bridal hairstyles and stylings for the wedding. By the way, there are even more hairstyles to imitate here. 

This is what makes a bridal hairstyle with a veil so special

Originally a sign of purity and virginity, a veil gives the bridal hairstyle a stylish upgrade in no time at all. The rule says that the veil is not removed from the mother until midnight and is kept for the granddaughter's wedding. In most cases, the veil is worn over the face and lifted shortly before the church wedding by the groom, but at the latest when the wedding dance is removed from the bride.

Bridal hairstyle with veil - that's how it's done

Are you still looking for the perfect bridal hairstyle with a veil? Then we have some great ideas for you here. With our tips, the wedding will be the most beautiful day in the life.
A bridal hairstyle with a veil can be varied. The hair accessories match both the romantic braided hairstyle and the artistically draped updoThe deep-seated chignon is a clear favorite of the bridal hairstyleBut a veil also looks good with a strictly bound bunEven loose hair can easily adorn itself with a veil. No matter which bridal hairstyle with veil you choose, it is best to go to a trusted hairdresser and bring a picture of your desired bridal look. Please do not style the hair yourself, after all, the bridal hairstyle with a veil should be perfect.
Bridal hairstyle with veil - you have to pay attention to that
Here are a few more tips for you to make your bridal hairstyle with a veil a complete success:
  • Long or short veil: The veil depends on the wedding dress and should match the entire bridal look. A long veil expresses more glamor and drama, while a short veil looks romantic and playful.
  • The shape and length of the veil determine the perfect hairstyle for the bridal look. Please bring the veil with you for trial styling!
  • The veil is usually attached with a comb under or over the hairstyleIncidentally, this works best with dyed hair.
  • If the insertion comb is missing, the veil can also be fixed with Bobbi pins (hairpins) .
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