5 things you should NEVER wear as a wedding guest

A wedding is always a special day. Especially for the bride. Therefore, we should also adhere to a few fashion rules - and these parts just don't work ...
Wedding guest no-gos: sneakers
A wedding is often beautiful, but it often costs the bride a lot of nerves. So that we don't strain them even more, we, of course, choose our outfit carefully. And we shouldn't wear these five things at a wedding:


White only wears the bride. No one else. And if you ignore this rule, you can probably prepare yourself for something. And no, even cream tones are not okay. It's best to take a lot of distance from such bright colors so that your outfit doesn't look remotely similar to the bride's wedding dress. Safety first! By the way, black isn't necessarily a good option either. It is often associated with funerals, not weddings. Therefore, we should rather not let cloudy thoughts arise on our friends' most beautiful day. 


The great sneakers that we wear every day on the way to work definitely do not belong to a wedding. And no brand new sneakers either. It is not a must to wear high shoes, but they can be a bit chic or festive. Ballerina or loafers are always a cool and convenient option. Just look here that the style of the shoes goes well with your outfit. But here too, less is more. It is best not to use loafers or brightly colored ballerina embroidered with sequins. Just in case ...


Denim actually goes with everything - just not for a wedding. Unless the motto expressly requests it. Jeans just look too sporty and therefore not really suitable for a wedding. If you still prefer to wear trousers, simply use elegant jumpsuits or stylish palazzo trousers. Both can (if properly combined) look super festive and elegant. We would definitely wear high heels for this, flat shoes only fit here if the trouser leg covers most of the shoes. Then you won't notice it.

Parts too scarce

In a nutshell - not at a wedding. You should definitely avoid outfits that are cut very short. So there is not only the risk that you suddenly stand half naked while dancing, but also that you steal the show from the bride. And believe us, you don't want that ... 

Anything that's against the dress code

Some weddings have a dress code. This can be colors, styles and much more. So if the motto is blue, just don't come up with a red dress. Brides and grooms generally don't find this funny. Respect the wishes of the newlyweds, after all, it is one of the most important days in their lives. 
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