5 nail trends that we can really imitate at home

We all know it: we see a pretty nail design, try to imitate it - and fail miserably ... With these five trends, this is guaranteed not to happen!

Nail trends

Nail salons are currently closed, which means we have to take care of our fingernails ourselves. It's just stupid that we can only conjure up unusual works of art and special shapes in the rarest of cases. Don't worry! Because you can REALLY imitate these five trends at home.


We see pastel tones everywhere: on the eyes, clothing and of course on our fingernails. Pastel shades almost cry out for spring. With such bright colors, however, you always need two layers so that the paints cover properly. But no problem, you have time ... If you want, you can also combine different pastel shades, but that's not a must. Plain is really nice, isn't it ?!

color gradient

If you want to wear different varnish on every finger, you are wearing two trends at the same time. Color gradients are very beautiful and make the fingers an eye-catcher. And without much effort. Simply choose five colors that harmonize well with each other and apply them from light to dark on the nails. Finished! 

Matt, matt, matt

If you want to give your favorite nail polish a new look, simply seal it with a matt topcoat. This ensures that the paint does not shine, but looks silky matt. Just something different and hopefully you will wear a topcoat anyway, right ?! There are also varnishes that dry matt on their own, but a matt topcoat can be combined with any nail polish. Definitely the more versatile variant.

Sugar nails

Do you want more? Then just try the Sugar Nails. With this technique, you first paint the nails in a tone of your choice and then add a glitter powder - so-called dip powder. This comes on the not yet dried nail polish and gives your nails a super nice texture and a glitter finish. Like sugar!

Fancy ?!

If we are completely honest, we will never get fancy patterns, rhinestones or flowers on our fingernails at home. But that doesn't mean that we have to do without fancy patterns and the like. There are now press-on nails, for example from impress, that you can stick on very easily. And yes, they actually last up to two weeks.
In general, of course, you should prepare the nails properly - whether colorful nail polish, clear coat or adhesive nails. So file, remove cuticles and don't forget the basecoat. This is the only way the result looks really good in the end and lasts as long as possible.
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