3 kilos in 3 days - with this trick it should work!

You want to lose a few pounds quickly? Then try the American diet hit: slim water. You can see exactly how this works in the video above!
Schlankwasser-Diät: 3 Kilo in 3 Tagen - mit diesem Trick soll's klappen! | BRIGITTE.de

Lose weight with lean water

Have you eaten one or two bars of chocolate too much lately? With the slim water diet, you have the chance to lose two to three kilos in three days. The effective combination of cucumber, mint, lemon, and ginger boosts fat burning, which in turn ensures a flat stomach. The miracle water is drunk before every meal, which in the best case is half the usual size and rich in vegetables.

And this is what you need: two liters of water a day, a piece of fresh, grated ginger (about two to three centimeters), a medium-sized, peeled cucumber in thin slices, twelve leaves of mint and a medium-sized lemon in thin slices. The ingredients are placed in a jug. The mixture should now rest in the refrigerator for a few hours so that the aromas can mix and develop.

Recipe suggestions for a diet day

Whether you lose two or three kilos depends, of course, on what food you eat in the coming days. Low-fat and low-sugar recipes that fill you up are sensible. The perfect way to start the day, for example, is with an avocado cheese sandwich or a filling Bircher muesli, which can be mixed with either milk or plain yogurt.

At lunchtime and in the evening, recipes such as cucumber and chicken carpacciolemon and cauliflower soupomelets with creamy mushrooms or pasta with broccoli and mozzarella are recommendedThe list could go on. It is important that you do not eat fatty and high-calorie foods these days.
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